Nut is verygood seedling because it can be planted in all kind of fields, even though the best places are valleys. You should plant in autumn and the two-year-seedlings are high from 1,2 until 1,5 meter. These seedlings are top-quality first-class-seedlings.When we talk about first yieldthan you can except it in the third year, even though it can happen to find first fruits in the first year. From 12th year and so on you can count on the full yield pun rod, which means that you get yield from 55-60 kilogram from a trunkrespectively 30-35 kilogram of cleaned fruits . There is a certain way of planting and it is 10 x 10 m or 100 seedlings on one hectare. The walnut types are: walnut-Sejnovo, Gazenheim 139, Gazenheim 251, walnut Champion, walnut Late Season, Jupiter, Tisa, Elite, Bačka, Srem, Chandler, walnut Franke.


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