Vine grafts

Vine grafts are seedlings of grapevine. The vineyard quality depends on different facts such as: location, sun, soil and climate conditions. At the beginning of 20. century planted king Petar Prvi Karađorđević and his son Aleksandar on the hill Oplenac in the near of Topola in Central Seria ten hectare of vineyards and a cellar, where they had the high-quality vine produced. In the near of this wine cellar there was a Venčačka viticulturalcooperative, that produced sparkling wines and it was one of the biggest winery on the Balkans.During those years different sorts of grapes were developed.Nowadays, we can made four basic groups of grape: – Vitis vinifera (table) – White grapes (wine) – Red grapes (wine) – hybrid grapes.


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