For strawberry seedling you need plating technology under low tunnels. This is very important so thatthe crop survive rainfalls during the harvest and ensures the best quality. The following conditions are to be filled: – Strong and healthy seed material – usage of useful microorganism– Programs for integral protection – irrigation – precise mineral nutrition – advanced programs of foliar nutrition. If you apply all these measures, it would be possible to achieve high quality and extremely high yield. Famous strawberry varieties are: Romina, Clery, Alba, Asia, Roxana, Cristina, Syria. Virus clean varieties are called certified strawberry seedlings and they can be: – green – Frigo (refrigerated) – Waiting – Containerseedling. In practice, the certified frigo seedlings are used most for production gardens. When you take them out of garden, you keep them in cool storage on the temperature at around -2 degree until the planting.


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