Sour cherry

Sour cherry belongs to u decideous-woodykernelledfruit seedlings and it is very convenient because it is a profitable seedling. Besides, it is not too sensible, when it comes to winter frost and it will crop the best in the regions that have less rainfalls.The sour cherry seedlings have low root system and it is developed as well as crown rots. The wild cherry and its own root are used for the basis. The sour cherry will yield early and the fruit is usually rich and regular. Sour cherry fruitis used for industrial needs as well as fresh. It shows its best results at continental climate. The sour cherry sorts are usually self-pollination. We should mention also pest that attack the sour cherry. The sickness of sour cherry tree can be for instance Scleortinia cinereaand some others… We differ: sour cherry Šumadinka, sour cherry Keleris 16, Hajmanova konzervna, Reksele, Keleris 14, Erdi Bötermö, Uj Fehirtes, Meteor, Oblačinska sour cherry, Čačanski rubin and Spanishsour cherry.


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