In Serbia plum is one of the most popular fruits.It is very important to choose the right ground for planting, because it blooms early and it´s sensitive to spring frost. Ideal is to have south oriented terrain, so that cherries get more light. Soil has to be good rolled out and flat. The plant is at rest in spring and autumn and then should be planted. Between the lines there is the distance from about five meter and four meter distance between two seedlings. In first three years the planted plum seedlingsshould be treated regular. The right cutting is also very important, so that seedlings get the right form. Plum sorts are: Ruth Gerstetter, Čačanska rana, Californian Blue, Timočanka, Čačankska najbolja, Čačanska lepotica, Čačanska rodna, Stanley, Požegača, Russian Yellow plum, Russian blue plum.


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