For plantation growing, which aims to product hazelnut, is hazel tree very convenient if you think about physiological features, morphological and ecological conditions. Pastry cooks use hazelnut and it has a lot of nutritive substances. Serbia has good conditions for hazelnut planting. It can be found on siliceous and limer fields and it is actually in its wild form. The field for hazelnut has to fill out some requirements that means, that it can make possible for root net to develop equally. During the year, the fieldhas to get enough nutritive materials, air and water. If you want to grow hazelnut commercial than you have to choose filed that requires smallest investments in order to get the optimal conditions. Hazel trees can cultivated, noble, cultural and forest specie. Furthemore, some of the hazelnut sorts are Ennis, hazelnut Tonda Gentile Romana, hazelnut Tonda Gentile Delle Langhe, hazelnut Tonda di Giffoni, hazelnut Halls Giant, hazelnut Ludolphs, hazelnut Crveni Lambert, hazelnut Kosford, hazelnut Corylus maxima, hazelnut Istaria long, hazelnut Mortarela, hazelnut Royal, hazelnut Istrian Round and hazelnut round friendly Romans.


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