Cherryist usually around 20 meter high and is one of the most common plants in fruit growing.Its fruits are delicious and you can use them fresh and processed. Different sorts of cherry are being made via improvement and artificial selection. When you are choosing a parcel for planting, you should think about later spring frost. If you grow cherry intensively, it is necessary to choose deep, good drained and fruitful soil. If the ground has weak transparency, it could cause root rotting.The most important process of the whole cherry vegetation is pollination.The success of this process depends on adequate amount of vital pollen. Important is also germination of the root, growth of pollen tubes as well as pollination and development of the fruit. Cherry sorts are: cherry Hativ Burlat, Regina, Kordia, Samberst, Germedorf, Hedelfinger, Bing cherry, Carmen, Cherokee, cherry Draganova žuta, Stella cherry, Lambert, Van cherry, Vega cherry, New star, Benton, Penis.


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