In Serbia are backberry seedlings very disseminated. The best time to plant them is in the autumn und the best ground is humus soil with moderate humidity.Blackberry seedlings can grow from half meter until three meter. Their trunk is prickly and they have also small thorns. This fruit doesn´t like hot and dry winds that blow during summer. Blossom time is from June until August and you have to cut the bushes. An example for that is blackberry Čačanska bestrna. The soil is their own root and it has its origins in the USA.The blossom time is end of July.The harvest starts in the third decade of this month and lasts until the end of August. Čačanska bestrna formsfour or five shoots without thorns. The fruit is large, around 9g and has cylindrical form. The color is shiny black andtaste is aromatic, sweet.


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