In Serbia, we use apricot fruit for juice, compote, jams and hard liquor production. We sell them also dried and fresh. In nutrition industry, you can use apricot seed as replacement for almond seed. It is also used for making of amaretti biscuits and Italian liquor amaretto.The Apricot tree can reach six meters, whereas its root system is very deep and thank to that the apricot will grow even on the dry soil if it is enough loose and prolific. The period of winter repose is short and the fruit will start with the blossom; from this reason is this fruit sensitive to late frost. Pest that attack apricot are different e.g. fruit fly, caterpillar etc. When it comes to illness, we should mention bacterial canker and apoplexy. Apricot sorts are: Hungarian Apricot, apricot New Jersey, KecskementRose, Roxana, Novosadska Apricot, Szegedi Mamut, Novosadska 4, Novosadska 6, Early Novosadska, Apricot Bergeron.


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