In Serbia produces yearly about 200 thousand tons of apple, which positions it to be one of our most important fruits. Even though the apple adjusted to different climate and geographical conditions, we can still say that it likes the most moisture soil and not dried. Form all of this reasons, we advise the analysis of the ground, so that you can determine, if it is suitable for apple plant. In order to improve the production, it is important to choose the right sort. Apple is pollen germination specie which means that you can not grow just one sort. You should plan at least two sorts, but non of them should be three-fertile because they can not be pollinators. Then you would have to have two different sorts that could pollinate between themselves. Apple sorts are: Red delicious, Gold delicious, Granny Smith, Idared, Jonagold, Braeburn, Gala, Gloster, Fuji, Melrose, Mutsu, Budimka, Kolačara, Kozara, Šumatovka, Topaz and apple Prima.


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