Roxana strawberries

One of the most productive varieties of strawberries, solid fruits, intended for sale in distant markets. It has a very lush plant, high resistance to root diseases, and tolerance to Oidium fragariae and Xantomonas fragariae, partly to Collectotrichum acutatum. Roxana has very large, uniform, attractive fruits, elongated conical shape, medium consistency, bright red color, good taste and high commercial value. It is very profitable in autumn production and in hydroponic production in bags. The average yield per hedge in good conditions is 1 to 1.2 kg. The average weight of the fruit is 26-28 g and the resistance to penetration is high 30-33 g / cm2, but not as in Alba. The harvest is 2 days late for Marmolada, 8 days for Asia and 10 to 11 days for Alba. It grows well at higher altitudes and lower day and night temperatures. Even in conditions of limited irrigation, it gives high yields of up to 1 kg per hedge.

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