Peach Watercress

Peach fruit seedlings of the “Crest Haven” variety originate from the USA. Crest Haven originated in Micigen and was recognized as a variety in 1963. The fruit is round in shape, large, firm, and attractive in appearance. The stone separates from the flesh. Crest Haven is a late ripening variety that ripens about a month after the Red Haven variety. It ripens in the second half of July. The tree is lush and well developed and the flowering time is medium. It is resistant to winter frosts. The flesh is red around the stone. The skin is yellow, of medium hairiness and covered with a reddish color on the sunny side. Due to its resistance to cold, it can also be grown in colder areas. It thrives best when planted in combination with other varieties. Cross Haven is moderately resistant to bacterial leaf spot. The base on which Crest Haven is grafted is a vineyard peach.

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