Peach Red Haven

Peach fruit seedlings of the “Red Heven” variety originate from the USA. Red Haven is known around the world as one of the highest quality peach varieties. Red-Haven is the most common variety of all time in the world. Immediately after its introduction into production, it became the standard in terms of resistance to low temperatures and fruit quality. In our region, the Red Heven peach variety has proved to be excellent and has been planted a lot. Year after year, the demand for Red Heven other varieties of Heven. The fruit is medium to large, round, the skin is medium hairy, intensely yellow, and bright red on the sunny side. The stone separates from the flesh when ripe. The ripening time is the end of July and the beginning of August. and industrial processing. The tree is moderately lush. It is sensitive to: aphids, peach beetle and tafrin. It has abundant fertility, often regenerates, so fruit thinning is mandatory. It is most suitable for growing in areas with colder climates. It tolerates cold well during winter. to which it is grafted is a vineyard peach.

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