Mini fruit seedlings

Mini apple

Mini apple, variety, Croquella is red, sweet and very tasty. The tree is well branched with short branches and densely filled. It grows very well and regularly. It grows low to 1.5 m in height and 1 m in diameter. In ideal conditions it can grow and up to 2 meters in height. The ripening time of the mini apple is the middle of September. The fruits can be stored for up to 4 months. The substrate on which the mini apple is grafted is M-26.

Mini pear

The mini pear is yellow in color and beautiful in appearance. The mini pear is of dwarf growth and grows up to 1 m in height. The fruits are medium-sized, pear-shaped and pure yellow. The ripening time of mini pears is at the end of August. It is grown in the ground at a distance of about 1 m or in pots over 35 cm in size. In case of stronger side branches, they should be shortened to 10 cm long from the tree. The base on which the mini pear is grafted is quince BA-29.

Mini cherry

VISNJA Mini cherry is red, small fruit and not very nice taste. It is planted more as an ornament than it is planted for eating. The height to which the mini cherry grows is about 1.5 m and the diameter of the stem is about 1 m. The ripening time of the mini cherry is the end of June and the beginning of July of the month. The base on which the mini cherries are grafted is magriva.

Mini apricot

Mini apricot is orange in color with a slight redness on the fruit. It has an extremely nice taste and visual appearance. It has an extremely good yield. The ripening time of mini apricot is mid-July. The tree grows about 1.5 m in height and about 1 m wide. se kalemi mini apricot is dzanarika.

Mini peach bonanza

Mini peach Bonanza is an Italian variety of large, juicy and healthy, yellow-red fruits, yellow flesh. The ripening time of mini peaches is in the middle of July. It can also be used as an ornamental plant. It grows up to 80 cm in height. It is planted at a distance of 1 m. It can also be planted in larger pots, which remain outside over the winter. peach is a vineyard peach.

Mini nectarine Nana

Mini nectarines of the Nana variety have a hairless fruit. It grows like Bonanca. The fruits are bright red and yellow flesh. They have a beautiful taste and visual appearance. The ripening time of the mini nectarine is in the middle of July.

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