Graševina white

White wine is a very homogeneous variety (Homogeneity means uniformity, uniformity). The middle leaf is almost whole or three-part. Cluster medium and small, cylindrical, compact with one well-developed wing (cluster). Grain medium round, yellow, shrimp firm, flesh juicy, not characteristic taste. It is a medium lush variety, later it starts with vegetation. It is suitable for various cultivations and prunings, but excessive expansions and heavy loads do not suit it. Her fertility is good and regular, later maturing. With this variety, mechanized harvesting is possible. Organoleptic Evaluation of the wine: Grasevina wine is salty yellow in color, with a pronounced aroma, dry taste, medium alcohol and extract content, pleasantly bitter and already as a young wine develops a varietal aroma and aroma of prominent freshness.

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