Granny Smith Apple (Celindzer)

Perhaps the most recognizable of all apples and certainly one of the most famous, Granny Smith is one of Australia’s most famous export products. It was discovered by accidentally sprouting at an Australian garbage dump. Maria Ann Smith, the grandmother who found it, discovered that the apple is multi-purpose, that is, excellent for both cooking and fresh consumption. Until the 1960s, it was synonymous with apples. This somewhat unusual apple attracts the eye with its grass color. It is known as a variety for atypical apple areas, such as Dalmatia, Istria and Baranja. Its fruit is large with a thick and firm skin, green with characteristic white spots. The flesh is firm and juicy, whitish and sweet and sour. It blooms late and long, and matures in late September. We recommend the substrate M-26, M9 and M-106. Good pollinators are Gloucester, Jonathan, Ruz, Spartan, Golden Delises, Idared, Melroz and Ricared. The variety is resistant to frost, hail and downy mildew, moderately sensitive to soot scab and powdery mildew, and sensitive to viruses and microplasmas. A clone of this variety Celindzer was created in the desire to get a higher quality and visually more beautiful fruit of the Granny Smith apple.

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