Golden Delicious Apple (Riders, clone B)

“Eureka! I found her! ” Those were the words of Paul Stark from the Stark Brothers Nursery, when he bit this apple in Anderson Mullins’ orchard in 1914. And really, he found real gold on the hills of West Virginia. “With this apple in hand, you can’t be sure if you’re drinking champagne or eating an apple,” Stark said enthusiastically at the time. It is grown mainly in dry and warm areas. The fruit of this apple is greenish-yellow, slightly brown, and the flesh is yellow and sweet, with a sour taste. It blooms medium late, and ripens at the end of September. It gives birth early and gives birth abundantly, and the substrates we recommend are M9 and M26 as well as MM106. Good pollinators for this variety are Gloucester, Richard, Jonathan, Melrose, Granny Smith and Idared. In the desire to progress, two clones of this variety were created – clone B and clone Ryders, and in that way we came to an extremely improved and higher quality fruit of this variety.

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