Frankovka black

Wine variety. Leaf large three-part dark green, lighter on the back. Cluster medium, large and very large pyramidal or conical in shape. The top of the cluster turned to the side. Grain medium large round. The shrimp is quite thick and firm, dark blue in color. The meat is juicy, the juice has a neutral taste, with a lower content of sugar and pronounced acidity. It belongs to the lush varieties. Later it starts with vegetation. Suitable variety for growing on different terrains, but on lower terrains it gives the wine less color. She gives birth regularly and abundantly. Organoleptic Evaluation of the wine: The wine is intensely ruby ​​red in color, medium extract, the taste is green. Fully matured and aged wine develops a characteristic varietal taste and aroma. It is a product of good quality among the red wines of the continental vineyard area. Organoleptic evaluations are evaluations based on sensory observations and are performed by experts in the field. Tolerant to fungal diseases.

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