Burgundy Black (Pinot Noir)

It is a homogeneous variety and consists of two bio types and they differ from each other in the shape of the leaves, in the size and shape of the cluster, in the quality of the product. Leaf medium, round, three-parted, dark green, the back of the leaf slightly overgrown with hairs. Cluster small, compact, cylindrical, often with one pronounced wing. Stem short and thick. Grain medium and small, quite easily separated from the stalk. Shrimp black-violet, thin. Meat juicy, sweet, simple taste. It is of medium lushness, with vegetation starting medium late. The shoots are strong. Suitable for different terrains, but not suitable for too fertile and moist soils. It grows well in temperate climates, in good positions. It is suitable for various cultivations and prunings, but they do not suit too much expansion and load. It is recommended to grow with reinforcement, quite dense planting and pruning short or moderately long and medium load of fruiting shoots. Green pruning requires caution due to strong cob development. With relatively dense planting, satisfactory grape yields can be achieved. Maturation is quite early. Harvesting is done earlier if the wine is used to produce pennies. It is sensitive to bortritis and to some extent to chlorosis, so in conditions of colder climates, green pruning is needed. Organoleptic evaluation of wine: The wine is of high quality regardless of whether it is processed into red or white wine.

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