Cristina strawberries

Very late and very yielding variety of strawberry, intended for sale in local markets. This variety with a rustic appearance grows well on terrains that do not undergo disinfection by fumigation, because the variety is very resistant to soil pathogens, so it can be grown for several seasons. It can also thrive on alkaline soils, of heavier mechanical composition with a higher carbonate content in the soil. Kristina has very large, uniform, attractive fruits, elongated to short-conical appearance, good consistency, bright red color, very sweet taste and high commercial value. The surface of the fruit is sensitive to mechanical damage, so careful final harvesting in pots is recommended, without subsequent manipulation and intent. The average yield per hedge in good conditions is 1 to 1.2 kg. The average weight of the fruit is from 32 to over 35 g. Compared to Roxana, it arrives for harvest 5 to 6 days later, and compared to Alba, ripening is even 15 to 16 days later.

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