Cherry Burlat’s rana

Fruit seedlings of cherry, variety “Burlat” originates from France. The fruits are large, round-heart-shaped, firm, juicy, sweet and sour and seemingly very attractive. Lately, a lot is planted at our noon because of the size, fruit quality and high yield. one of the best early varieties of cherries. It is an excellent table variety and is suitable for processing. The ripening time is the second half of May. The weight of the fruit is 6-8 grams and it is burgundy-red in color. It ripens and gives birth regularly and abundantly, appreciated for its attractive fruits that are easily monetized. As with most cherries, it needs pollinators, such as: Lyon wound and Van. The substrate on which the cherry grafts are grafted Burlat’s wound are: , gizela 6 and colt.

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