Chardonnay (Šardone)

Originating from France, it is widespread in wine-growing areas all over the world. It is quite homogeneous, and the main differences between the types relate to the shedding and especially to the organoleptic properties of the grapes. Leaf medium, round, almost entire, surface slightly wrinkled, dark green. Cluster medium, broad with one prominent wing (Sugrozd), quite compact. Grain of medium yellow-green color. Shrimp medium firm. The meat is juicy, sweet, of excellent taste with a pronounced aroma of the variety. The lush variety of vegetation starts very early, so terrain exposed to late spring frosts should be avoided. The shoots are lush. It grows on different types of soil and different climatic conditions, it is not suitable for too much moisture. It is a suitable variety for various growing forms as well as for different distances except too narrow ones. Fertility is medium and regular on all breeding forms with a long cut, a very large yield can be achieved, but with a significantly lower quality. Harvesting should be done very early if you want to get sparkling wines. To determine the exact time of harvest, it is important to control the acid (ph) content in the vineyard. Mechanized harvesting is also possible. Resistance to the disease is normal, there is a slightly higher susceptibility to bortritis in the northern parts. (bortritis is gray mold, rot). Resistant to chlorosis (it is jaundice, it is characteristic that the leaf turns yellow and looks like a leaf of dried tobacco). Organoleptic evaluation of the wine: It gives a wine with a characteristic varietal taste of straw-yellow color with a golden reflection of prominent aromas and aromas, a lot of pleasant acid and alcohol content. It is a very good wine for the production of sparkling wines. Crossing can significantly increase the quality of neutral wines.

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