Cabernet Sauvignon (Kaberne Sovinjon)

The variety of French origin is quite homogeneous, but the differences refer to the shape of the bunch and the properties of the wine. The middle leaf is five-parted. The cluster is small to medium often with one pronounced wing, medium compact, the grain medium, round. Shrimp blue-purple, firm. Flesh medium firm with a pronounced green taste. It is a medium lush variety. It starts with medium or late vegetation. It is a favorable variety for the area of ​​temperate climate. It does not like moist and excessively fertile soil, on such soils the vines of this variety do not ripen well. pogonda is a variety for various cultivation and pruning systems. Yield is medium and regular belongs to the varieties of the middle ripening epoch. On average, it is resistant to diseases and is somewhat sensitive to stalk drying, which is why the K / Mg ratio in the soil should be controlled. Organoleptic evaluation of the wine: Cabernet Sauvignon wine is an intense ruby-red color, with a transition to purple, a lot of extract, with a lot of alcohol, aromatic, with a characteristic herbal taste. With aging, the quality increases significantly. Processed with other varieties can increase the organoleptic properties of wine.

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