Asia strawberries

Medium early variety, which is 5 to 6 days late in maturing compared to Alba. The plants are erect, lush, resistant to root diseases. The fruits are attractive, large, conical, very uniform, extremely bright red in color and shine, with very attractive calyx leaves. Thanks to the high sugar content and balanced acid ratio, the taste is extremely good, very close to the taste of Elsante. Although the fruits are not of high strength, no serious problems and damage occur during the harvest, and the period of marketability (shelf life) is very long. It has excellent transportability if it is subcooled within 30 minutes after harvest. The average yield per plant in good conditions is 0.9 to 1.1 kg. Average fruit weight, 26 to 30 g, and penetration resistance 30 to 35 g / cm2. It is excellent both in the open field and in greenhouses and hydroponic production. Asia is one of the most interesting newly selected varieties for which there is great interest, especially in the barbarian-Aleksinac subregion. We believe that it can be excellent for export to the Western European market. It has excellent frost resistance from low winter temperatures. It should be preventively protected from powdery mildew, especially during warm and humid autumns.

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