Alba strawberries

A very early variety that, compared to the earliest known varieties, is not a day late with ripening, or arrives only a day or two after the earliest varieties. It is a very large variety, conical, very uniform, bright red and shiny fruits, with small calyx leaves and a very nice visual impression. It has excellent adaptability and resistance to diseases, so it can be successfully grown on heavier and somewhat alkaline soils. In good conditions, the average yield per hedge is from 0.75 to 0.85 kg, which is a very high yield for early varieties. This variety produces very well in the second year after planting, during the entire harvest period. The quality of the fruit is good and very stable, so it is extremely resistant to transport and manipulation. Brix is ​​at the level of sweet varieties, but it has a slightly higher content of acids in the fruit. The fruits are very firm with a penetration resistance of 35-38 g / cm2. The average weight of the fruit is 27-30 g, but a lot of very large fruits and over 50 g. In this variety, germination, fruit growth and ripening are very concentrated. The harvest does not last longer than ten to fifteen days, with a very uniform quality from beginning to end. The variety is primarily intended for export to distant markets, such as Russia, because the fruits are firm and have a high “shelf life”, which means a longer period in transport and sales. When it spends some time in the subcool, then it is even tastier as the acid content in the fruit is reduced and to a lesser extent vitamin C.

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