Seedling nursery Šilja

Seedling nursery Šilja is a frute nursery with tradition.

Thank to the work and improvement we can offer all kinds of fruits, climbing plants and roses. Every seedling is quality seedling and you can find our seedlings in Serbia, Europe and Russia..

The seedlings nursery garden Šilja is located in a village near Kruševac, which is famous for fruits and climbing plants. Thank to the long-term work our quality has reached its peak. Surely, we improve ourselves every day and our work is better from year to year.

Our seedlings has a high standard so that we have all necessary documents, export certificats for EU-countries and Russia. Every seedling has its warranty and we offer necessary information, extra tips about cutting, treatment and protection of seedlings.

We cooperate with following countries:

  1. The Czech Republic

  2. Romania

  3. Bulgaria



Our seedlings can be find in chain of stores:

Praktis  and  Lidl

Rade Antic - CEO

Invitation for cooperation

We are open for cooperation, accordance and every kind of business relationship. AS a producer we tend to reach a lot of customers. At the same time, we offer all necessary certificates and export documents to every business partner. In addition, you can get every information about seedlings treatment.

Who are our potential customers?

As a producer of quality seedlings of fruits, roses and climbing plants would like to come to quality people and companies that occupy themselves with production of fresh fruits and have their own trade chain.

For fruit producers

We can made high quality nursery gardens with necessary documents. At the same time, we offer necessary information to the producer. Our long-term work with seedlings contributed to our knowledge so that we are allowed to offer the maximal number of information that can impact the level of plant quality.

Anyway, if you have interest in cooperation, you can contact us. We will be glad to work together and to expand our activities.

For trade chains

Our tree garden works with trade chains such as Praktis and Lidl. Our final customer is as much important as trade chain that we work with.

We and the trade chain has the same duty – to deliver the quality to the buyer.
If you have your own store or chain of stores, you can contact us regarding the cooperation.

Business partner from Bulgaria

The firms that occupy themselves with packaging and distribution of roses can become our potential partner. For potential coworkers from Bulgaria can be important following information about roses types:

  1. Climber rose
  1. Poliante roses
  1. Hybrid tea roses
  1. Ruže stablašice

You can contact us anytime for new information. We are available for every cooperation and we are at customer ́s and cooworker ́s disposal.

 We look forward to future cooperation.


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