About Us

Our motive is to offer to the landlords quality seedlings on the market.

We started as a family company and therefore we appreciate the tradition. On this way we could learn, share our experiences and improve ourselves. Moreover, we are ready to share our knowledge to our buyers and customers. From the beginning we try to maintain production and distribution on equal level. This understands two sides quality: good seedlings and quality delivery.

We try to use the best things from our experience!

The experience of our ancestor is in our production. We try to make our production better and achieve a high-quality norm. So we have improved the production of different varieties of seedlings, seedlings with temporary branches – knip seedlings. Also, we can highlight two-year seedlings as our competitive offer on the market. Our offer enfolds also vine seedlings and vine grafts – hand grafted. We offer this seedling type on all our locations.

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Who We Are?

We can say that lot of customers from different countries recognized our efforts. We occupy ourselves with exports of vine grafts and seedlings. All our seedlings have speciall documentation and certificate for export to the European countries and Russia. When you buy at our place, you get also a warranty for every seedling. As a matter of course, we offer expert information to our customers about cutting and protection of our seedlings. Furthermore, you get necessary documentation for certified seedlings. On this way you can get a gift certificate in form of subsidies from the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

The offered high quality are actually all phases that produce high performance. Since we improved our production we give information about number of seedlings that can be planted in a nursery garden. Our seedlings can be ready for planting so that we spare the time to our landlords and fasten the planting process. This means that we prepare seedlings from root to the top.

Rade Antic - CEO

What makes us different is our offer:


On this way we want to stimulate future landlords to occupy themselves with fruit planting and growing and other to expand their assortment of fruits. Regarding the modern way of doing business, we offer packed seedlings. We can send this seedlings via post (small amounts) or even bring to the address of our customer.

Where can you find us?

We are located in village Konjuh, south Serbia

Konjuh is located in the municipality of Kruševac. You may also know that this territory is known for plating of quality seedlings. We can say that this is a tradition that we also try to maintain. Looking through the history, already in 1924 village Konjuh was known as ideal place for growing fruits and vineyards. The first union under the name “Kalemar” was opened. This society embraced a couple of village cultivators so that the quality of the seeding material got its reputation. This success was famous even out of land borders and goods were exported in the Soviet Union. In this same village we own two land hectare.

My orchard, 2nd year full crop. Exceptional quality of seedlings from the nursery Silja Nursery.

Sister company in Bulgaria “Euro Flora”

Also, we work via our sister company t“Euro Flora”. This company is in Vidin, Bugaria. In Vidin we also habe a couple of hectares to plant.

My orchard, 2nd year full crop. Exceptional quality of seedlings from the nursery Silja Nursery.

Village in Vojvodina – settlement from 50 hectares

What is maybe the most important part of our business is 50 hectare land. This land is located in Vojvodina, village. This territory is especially important because we grow apples here.

My orchard, 2nd year full crop. Exceptional quality of seedlings from the nursery Silja Nursery.



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